Independent Spirit

Independent Spirit

Our identity is formed from a long history of entrepreneurialism and ingenuity, it’s what we like to call our ‘Independent Spirit’.

We are a natural home for original thinkers and people who like to challenge convention.

We’ve always been ahead of the curve, in the English Civil War we championed democracy by siding with Parliament against the king.

Two great examples of the ‘Independent Spirit’ of Northampton are celebrated in the town centre.

Francis Crick’s achievements as part of the ground-breaking scientific team who identified the structure of DNA are celebrated in an 8-metre high steel sculpture called ‘Discovery’ on Abington Street.

Charles Bradlaugh who was a controversial freethinker and founder of the Secular Society was a pioneering champion of equality and fairness.

Northampton remains a place where you can make a mark. There’s a welcoming and supportive environment, and you’ll be surrounded by people who champion democracy, fairness and equality.

Great stories are emerging every day from our purpose led businesses, our artists and makers, our ground-breaking university researchers and our amazing community leaders.

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